The numbers are in!

My trip cost a total of US $22,371.00, which is about $2,500 more than my original estimate of $19,865.

Here is a rough break down of costs:

$8,800 on Flights
$3,510 on Hotels ($30 a night)
$1,755 on food ($15 a day)
$1,500 Insurance for health, car, and travel
$1000 Medical- first aid and drugs
$750 Galapagos flight and cruise
$600 African Safari
$500 Scuba certification/cruise- Great Barrier Reef
$500 Visas
$500 Internet cafes @ $1-2 per hour
$200 phone call from Brazil @$15 per minute...I didn't know.
$1,000 clothes, short tours, taxis, buses
$150 for Fed Exing tickets to myself

I was over my budget predominately because of uncontrolable things, such as the US dollar droping 10% since I left in August, and rigged taxi meter in Santiago. Overall, 41 flights, 41,000 miles and all the wonders of the world in 1 trip, I would have to say I got the deal of the century. If you are thinking of taking this trip, you could probably save $1,000 if you really were vigilant about not having creature comforts. But I would recommend budgeting a little more so that you can enjoy a hot shower now and then...or even toilet paper and a clean towel! I hope this page helps make your dream of traveling around the world a little less daunting from a financial standpoint. And while it is expensive, it is actually a value to do it all at once than to do it as separate trips over time--it's only going to get more expensive the longer you wait. Take advantage of these bargains while they last! (1.2.05)