Several people have requested a place to comment on Sean's trip, his on-the-road fashion sense, abuse of grammar in the journal entries, etc.

Those people can now comment to their heart's content (Adam, I'm looking in your direction)

Sean's Travel Forum


A few things:

-You can register for the forum site, especially if you plan on contributing to the forum on a regular basis. This requires you to give your email address, but you can chose to not make it public (recommended by the Helper Monkey.) Registration is available directly through the forum too.

-You can respond to messages without registering, if you'd prefer.

-The forum is hosted for free by ProBoards, so the ads can't be wiped out. Sorry!

-Of course, it goes without saying that you should keep the forum on the clean side. Sean's family (Hi Mr. and Mrs. McGrail!) are obviously frequent visitors.


Check b ack in a few days--more categories will be added on, just as soon as we think of some more. Feel free to contribute ideas for board topics in the Suggestion Box category.