The Boston Red Sox

Win the World Series!!

The World Champion Boston Red Sox:

The 8th "Wonder of the World."

Sean McGrail and his Red Sox hat
The story behind the photos

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people wearing my Red Sox Hat

I began my "Wonders of the World" journey around the globe in August 2004 while the Red Sox were struggling to stay in the race for the Wild Card. As I left Logan airport, it certainly didn't seem like 2004 would be "The Year" for the Sox, and it never occurred to me that Boston would experience its own " Wonder " while I was away.

In the mountains of Peru at Machu Picchu , I indoctrinated the locals to become members of Red Sox Nation. They prayed to the Mayan Gods to reverse the Curse and suddenly the Red Sox came back from 11.5 games behind the Yankees in the AL East to only 2.5 games behind, and also secured their wild card spot.

On Easter Island , I converted more locals to be members of Red Sox Nation and we all prayed to the Tiki Gods to reverse the Curse on the Red Sox (and on Bobby Brady). The Gods heard our collective prayer and the Red Sox swept the Angels.

In New Zealand , I became one with Mother Nature (not that way, you sheep were ever hurt) and asked that the stars be aligned to reverse the Curse. I knew that the 30 hours I spent in pubs watching the historic come back to defeat the Yankees would be well worth the time invested.

And finally, I was in Australia , the other side of the globe, converting the aboriginal people to Red Sox Nation, when Boston's home team fulfilled "The Dream" and broke "The Curse" to win the World Series!

Go Sox!

p.s. All the photos are real, no Photoshop at all. (I have the $23,000 bill to prove I was at all these places! )