Itinerary and Flights
August 28th: Boston to Quito- Galapagos Islands, Equator and Amazon
September 6
th - 7th: Quito to Cusco (via Lima)
September 8
th - 19th Train to Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca and
                           the Alpatino Desert in Bolivia
September 20
th: Calama to Santiago, Chile - Atacama Desert
September 21
th: Santiago, Chile to Rio
September 25
th: Rio to Iguza Falls
September 26
th: Iguza to Buenos Aires
September 29
th: Buenos Aires to El Calafate Patagonia - Torres Del Paine
October 8
th: Puntas Arenas - to Santiago
October 9
th: Santiago to Easter Island
October 10
th: Easter Island To Tahiti / Moorea
October 12
th: Tahiti to Auckland Christchurch- on the 13th - lose a day to
                      the Date Line
October 14
th: Auckland to Christchurch -Milford Sound
October 23
rd: Christchurch to Sydney/Sydney Opera House
October 26
th: Sydney to Cairns- Great Barrier Reef
November 2-3
rd: Cairns to Hong Kong
November 5
th: Hong Kong to Beijing-Great Wall of China
November 11
th: Beijing to Bangkok- Grand Palace
November 14
th: Bangkok to Siem Reap, Cambodia-Angkor Wat
November 16
th: Siem Reap To Rangoon- Shwegadon Pagoda
November 18
th: Rangoon to Delhi Taj Mahal
November 21
th: Delhi to Dar Es Salaam (Via Dubai )-Safari
November 30
th: Dar Es Salaam (Via Dubai ) To Cairo -Pyramids
December 2
nd: Cairo to Luxor- Valley Of the Kings
December 4
th: Train Overland to Aswan-Aswan Dam
December 5
th: Aswan to Abu Simbel Ramses II Tomb
December 6
th: Abu Simbel and back to Cairo
December 7
th: Bus to Suez Canal and take ferry over Red Sea to Jordan
December 8
th: Bus to Petra, Jordan
December 10
th: Bus to Amman, Jordan and to Dead Sea in Israel
December 11
th: Dead Sea & Masada
December 12
th: Bus to Jerusalem
December 15
th: Fly from Tel Aviv to Athens -Parthenon
December 17
th: Ferry to Santorini
December 19
th: Fly to Myknos
December 21
st Ferry back to Athens
December 22
nd: Fly Athens to Boston