Entry #12

Wine, Meat and good friends.

Buenos Aires is a good place to relax and recuperate. I'm crashing with Erin, an old friend from college, and her husband Craig here in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I took a brief tour with their favorite taxi cab driver, Roberto, with Erin & Craig’s friends Paulina and David who are also in town visiting. (Paulina is the one in this photo with the tango dancer that looks like she is about to be kissed. I'm sure her husband wouldn't like that! Hey, Paulina for $100 I can delete that photo and we can forget the whole thing...MUHAHAHAHHA!!!)

Anyway, we were able to see all the sights of Buenos Aires in about 4 hours, and then we began taking in the culinary delights that Argentina is known for--wine and meat. I probably have gained 5 pounds in the two days that I've been here! But it’s all good. Bottles of wine are only $3! I should clarify...Bottles of REALLY GOOD wine are only $3!

I'm spending an extra day here before heading to Patagonia for a long 4 day hike. Jacq, my cousin Jen's friend, is joining me for the Torres del Paine trek. However, her flight was cancelled due to hurricanes in Florida, so I've pushed back my plans one day to await her arrival. There probably won't be any updates until October 8th or 9th. I hope all is well at home.

Go Red Sox!


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