Entry #16

First, I'd like to apologize to everyone for my lame last entry. I had just crossed the international dateline and was falling asleep at the computer. I'll try to be more coherent this time ( don't worry the gramatical errors and misspellings will continue, I'll just be more coherent.). Plus, I left out a lot of good jokes about Bobby Brady and the Tiki Gods . . . did you see the photo of me kicking some Tiki God butt for picking on little Bobby Brady?

Second, I'd like to say, "I believe!" along with the rest of Red Sox Nation. I was able to catch game 4 tonight and watch the Red Sox win in nail biting fashion from a little pub in Te Anau, New Zealand. I ate Venison Sausage, as that was the only thing that was available that came close to a Fenway frank. You'll see the photos of me glowing after the win. Oh and by the way…I hate the Yankees.

Go Sox! -I'm glowing after the Sox beat the Yankees

I've come up with New Zealand’s new ad campaign for their Tourism Board: New Zealand, Waterfalls ad Nauseum. Do you like it? [see photos for proof.] There is a waterfall around every lush green corner and a snow capped mountain in the backdrop for added dramatic effect. The whole island is like driving around Disney...but without the admission price or the long lines or pimply teenage kids in oversized caricature suits sweltering under the Florida sun for $5 an hour.

The New Zealand countryside is littered with sheep, deer and waterfalls

Personally, I've had my fill of waterfalls, glaciers (there are two Glaciers, Fox and Franz Josef here in NZ...or at least I only saw two of them) and lush green rainforest. I promise this is the last batch of photos of those things, then next two months should be raw and gritty, polluted cities, ancient ruins and other old structures.

Milford Sound - 8th wonder? I think not!

As always, I have another story to amuse you readers, all because of my stupidity. I'm traveling around New Zealand in a camper van (it’s a small RV for 2, with a bed, shower, toilet and stove).

Some of you know my driving skills are occasionally referred to as "reckless" or "negligent," by the plaintiffs that have cases pending against me. So the idea that I would be driving a manual transmission, diesel engine oversized vehicle on the left side of the road, should be enough for anyone to alert friends or family who might even have considered traveling to NZ while I’m behind the wheel of this van. And let’s not even mention the rotaries. . .

Surprisingly, the first 4 days went without a hitch, literally. But today, as I was leaving Milford Sound, (some say it’s the 8th wonder of the world, I'd put it more around 23rd), a waterfall, of all things, caught my eye in the morning sunshine as I sped down a narrow two lane highway and I thought "That would make a nice photo to send back home to the folks." I gently applied the brakes and began the procedure of making a 3-point turn.

Now as very few of you know, because I try to keep this information under wraps, I failed my first driving test. Guess how? That's right! It was a 3-point turn. Anyway, the first point went wonderfully, executed flawlessly, some might say.

Point 2 is was the problem. As I backed up my oversized vehicle, I did not judge the depth of the shoulder of the road and the distance of my back wheels. When I attempted to perform Point Number 3, it was a no go. My back wheels were not touching the ground because the belly of the Van was on the pavement--think of the camper van as a see saw--the front of the back wheels were not able to make contact with the road.

Luckily, New Zealanders are prepared for dumb tourist like me, and the first car that came along had ropes to pull me out of my predicament in no time.

It’s been a good day. I haven't rolled my camper van into a ditch, and the Red Sox beat the Yankees! Life is good.

Arthur's Pass on the south Island

Outside of Queenstown- the weather killed most of my plans, so I drank beer and wine. Tough Life I have I know.

Yeah I couldn't believe the colors either.



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