Entry #17

Yipee! I know no one will read this entry because they will be too hung over from the insane celebrations that are occurring throughout Red Sox Nation. It's just my luck...I leave the country to travel around the world and the Red Sox decide this is the first time to go the World Series since I was 14!

I could tell you a story about how I was up late last night to watch a colony of about 20 blue penguins come ashore and climb to their nests (see photos). It was very cool to see them swim in with thier little heads breaking above the water, and they suddenly catch a wave and are on shore waddling up to the nests. They are very timid and when they get near you they look up with a "Please, don't eat me." look, which is very cute and almost makes you want to put down the club behind your back (I kid) I was just seeing if anyone way reading this, because I know it really pales in comparison to the excitement of the Red Sox going to the World Series.

I will register a complaint about these Kiwi bastards here in New Zealand that are still beholden to the Queen...they interrupted Game 7 in the 8th inning for CRICKET! Do they not know which game is more important! I was forced to watch the last two innings online by refreshing the Yahoo! Sports page every 30 seconds to get the updates.

Other than that New Zealand has been a great stop...the penguins were a highlight of the trip...as 30 hours of my trip was spent in bars catching the Red Sox games...hey fellas, lets sweep the World Series in 4 games as I'll be on boat on the Great Barrier Reef if the games go to a game 5.

Or should I fly back to Boston? As my friend Adam said, "The great barrier reef will be there next year, but the Red Sox might not win the world series next year.” Hmmm.
I hope your all having fun in Boston, I can't wait for the 23rd (the 24th here!)

Me with two Austrians that I met while penguin watching. We are at a Starbucks in Christchurch Center. My beard is getting out of control.


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