Sean learns a little something (annoying) about Ecuadorian Culture

It appears from my brief stay with the Ecuadorian people that the national pastime is horn honking. I am not joking. They honk at everything, the cars in front of them, as well as cars they pass, people on the sides of the roads, even if they don’t know them, dogs, cows, trees. My tour guide to the Amazon honked his horn about 4,000 times- that is a conservative guess. At one point I said “Hey, I have duct tape in my bag, I could tape that down for you and it will just make the honking noise constantly” which he replied “Que?” he doesn’t speak English luckily so he didn’t get my wise crack. Otherwise I might still be in the Jungle right now.

Sean has a religious experience in the Amazon

Another story with evidence of why I am not going to be inducted into Mensa anytime soon. We (the tour guide, the Spanish guy and I) took a cable car ride over one of the falls (see the movie when it's posted) along with a family, which included a 6-year-old little girl. The little girl and me were fighting for the prime position up front for the best view. The guy released the cable, we went zipping over the edge of a cliff right where the waterfall plunges 1,000 feet to the river below. It was a great rush of excitement, so much so I forgot where I was. As the ride nears the end I turn to the little girl and say “wow that was a lot of fun for a dollar” She turned to me and said something in Spanish, for a split second I thought she was speaking in tongues, before I remembered I was in Ecuador, not the Berkshires.

For my last night in the Amazon I went to a cock fight (see pictures and the movie...if you watch the movie, look for the mother and 1 year old child with the front row seat right about the fighting cocks)…and some people said that my trip was too fast and I wouldn’t experience any culture..ha take that!

August 31st, 2004: Getting Dirt on Susie.

I stayed with Susie’s parents, Mike and Carol, in Quito where I was treated to a delicious homemade meal that I didn’t have to worry about getting sick from, not to mention an ice cream sundae, laundry, and a personal tour of Quito. Susie’s parents are missionaries and they had other missionaries over for dinner. I was exposed to a world I have no contact with in my regular day to day back in Boston. It was great to see people passionate about their work…and it was great to get a story or two about Susie’s childhood to store away for next April fools day…Muhahahahah. Seriously it was nice to meet her parents to see where she gets her warmth and open nature. A big thanks to the Welty's!

Quito is a strange city; parts are very beautiful and colonial and others are poor and no thought was put towards aesthetics. See the pictures for the beautiful parts. The people are warm and welcoming and I would highly recommend it for a week or two vacation, it is part Hawaii and part Alaska, but a whole lot cheaper.

Sept 1st
I arrived in Galapagos today, and the stories you have heard are true. The wildlife is abundant and the scenery is strange. Take a look at the pictures because I can’t do the islands justice (all pictures mentioned so far are in the Amazon and Galapagos shutterfly link.)

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