Entry #21: Hong Kong’s Culinary Treats!

After hearing the bad news about the election, I picked myself up, and headed out into the happening city of Hong Kong with Anne Marie, my uncle's cousin. Can you say Fun! I loved being back in the hustle and bustle of a big city. Hong Kong is clean (except for the air pollution) and the public transportation is like an amusement ride. But the stuff you're interested in is the "freaky", by American standards, foods I tasted. Here’s my review:

Fish stomach: kind of bland and spongy. Not a fan.

Shark fin soup: Bland and stringy. Pass.

Steamed Sponge cake: hot, moist and tasty, could use a little sugar, lard and chocolate. Ok.

Chicken feet: like the skin of chicken but with too many mental images to be shaken from your head as you eat it. Not for me.

Red Bean soup: this is supposed to be dessert. One question: where's the chocolate? Thumbs down!

Mystery seafood: I thought it was squid, but it wasn't. OK. I think.

All in all the food was OK, but I'm not going to get a dozen chicken feet the moment I return to Boston. This was as close as Ii want to get to being on "Fear Factor", the Reality TV Show.

Thanks to Anne Marie, Lee Hau and Giancarlo for hosting me and showing me the sights of Hong Kong.

See you in Beijing!

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