Otavalo, Ecuador and Lima, Peru

Entry #3

I spent yesterday morning (September 6th, 2005) on a personally guided tour with Susie’s dad, Mike Welty, touring the Otavalo region that is famous for its Indian market (I bought a hat in preparation for my trip to the Andes.) He showed me where the Welty family helped establish a church for the Indians, the heart shaped mountain (see the pictures for the valley on the side of the mountain that is heart shaped), and another wonderful waterfall. I must give thanks to the Welty Family once again for their tremendous hospitality and personal tours of Quito and Otavalo.

Sean McGrail At a waterfall in Ecuador

Old Quito at Night

Lima, Peru

I flew to Lima, Peru for an 11-hour stop over before heading to Cusco, the base of the Inca trail to Machu Pichu. My 11 hours in Lima was very unpleasant. The cab driver tried to scam me, but I ended up OK thanks to my prior research about such practices. Lima is very polluted, and I am currently having some breathing problems. Hopefully the fresh mountain air (it is still polluted here in Cusco but not as bad as Lima) will clear my lungs up before I head to Machu Pichhu.

I don’t know if I can paint an accurate picture of Lima, but the city is devoid of character except for a handful of sights. My 11 hours there were 9 hours to many. My advice is to leave Lima out of your next vacation.

I did however have a nice conversation at the airport with a fellow fromOregon who was on his way to Aquitos, Peru to try and help the poor orphans in that area set up and orphanage and connect them with families in the US that wanted to adopt. He said he was once a successful lumber executive and then one day woke up and realized that this was his calling. He quit his job, followed his passion, and somehow he said the money has always been there, because people hear of his story and donate to keep him afloat. It was a pretty interesting story...much more so than the blase' description I just gave.


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