Entry #7: More on Bolivia

Ok, so my last entry was pretty weak. I was feeling ill when I wrote it (eventually I got really sick in San Pedro, Chile.) So if your looking for a better, more colorful description of what I did in the Bolivian Salt flats then follow this link to read how Jade, a professional writer from Australia who was on my small tour, interpreted the scenes of Bolivia. I think she captured the moments as they unfolded very nicely.

However, she left out the story of her husband, Bertrand, dancing in the streets with a drunken old lady. He was kicked in the groin as the old lady tried to imitate Bertrand’s youthful break dancing moves. Selective editing? I think so.

Bertrand moments befor the old lady kicks him in the groin while dancing.

She was also gracious enough to leave out the part that while she was ill and trying to get some sleep, 3 Bolivian girls, an Israeli boy (that according to Linda smelled like onions), and I were drinking, giggling and generally creating a ruckus in the frigid desert plains hotel room that we all shared until 3am. Frigid is also putting it mildly. We all had to sleep in the same bed it was so cold...no, really it was that cold! It wasn't just some ploy on my part to get in the same bed with 3 women! When we woke up in the morning the lake had completely frozen over, inches thick, and by mid day the temperatures would reach into the 80's!

Jade reminded me that I left out all of the Bolivian experiences my 3 native amigas taught me, including Bolivian Chocolates, the Argentinean dance craze sweeping South America, and teaching me how to pronounce words like Cochabamba, Zugart (did I spell that right?) and roto, (the worst insult you can say to a Chilean).

Jade’s pictures are much more interesting than mine and she has some how edited it down to 18 photos instead of my 100 plus.

The Blue Lake

The Red Lake- those bolivians are creative eh?

More in moment....


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